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Whitewater Rafting in the Purcell & Rocky Mountains since 1976! 3 Amazing Rivers, in 3 Different Locations. Take your Pick!

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At Kootenay River Runners in Golden BC, we are focused on activities for adventurous travelers and river rafting enthusiasts in a professional, fun, challenging, and friendly atmosphere. Offering skilled and knowledgeable staff, state of the art equipment, expertly guided rafting trips and three amazing rivers, in three Different Locations to choose from you always count on our Kootenay River Runners team to make your time enjoyable on the river waters. Accommodating beginner to experienced adventurous travelers and nature lovers were here to help everyone that wants to reap the benefits of all that British Columbia river rafting has to offer.

When it comes to river rafting and outdoor vacations for adventurous travelers in Golden BC, we at Kootenay River Runners strive to offer the very best services available. Always looking to improve, expand and provide maximum value to clients since 1976 we go above and beyond to make river rafting exciting and accessible to everyone. Fully immersed in the river rafting culture, we at Kootenay River Runners highly encourage all adventurous travelers that are interested to come out and participate in the many Golden BC river rafting tours we have to offer. River rafting is our passion, and we want to share this amazing hobby with all who have the same interests so don’t hesitate to reach out and book your next outdoor adventure with us today!