Riverside Fine Dining!

Rafting can work up an appetite, and one of the first questions we’re asked is… is there food? We are happy to inform you that Kootenay River Runners provides food on many of our rafting trips – included in the price of our trips!

Lets start with out Kootenay River trip! If you’re looking for a day out on the river with the family, we’ve got you covered. If you opt for our half day trip, we provide a light morning snack to keep you fuelled up until you can head out for a late lunch after the trip! We provide a morning hot chocolate or coffee (in case you slept in and missed yours) as well as meat, cheese and crackers and cinnamon buns from the local Invermere Bakery. If you and your group choose to stay on the river for the full day, we know your going to get hungry again, so we make sure to keep you full and happy! We stop for a second break for caesar salad, cookies and sandwiches (again, thanks to our friends at the Invermere Bakery), then its off to see the beautiful Pedley Falls!

If you’re looking for a more adventurous trip, the Kicking Horse is for you! All those rapids call for a feast – and the Kicking Horse BBQ provides nothing short of that. Our guides make sure you are well fed: serving up your choice of a steak, chicken or veggie burger option, along with salad, garlic bread, fruit and a variety of drinks. You are sure to leave this trip looking for seconds (of the rafting and the food that is)! Just make sure to select the BBQ option during your order and let us know which meal you prefer!

Can’t wait to see you our on the river!

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