Water to High to Raft

It’s June first and today was supposed to be the first day of rafting for this season. We were ready! We were so excited! BUT Mother Nature had different plans for today!

The weather has been hot and sunny for the last week which made us even more excited to get on the river! But that also means that a lot of snow is melting high up in the mountains, filing our rivers¬†and feeding our rapids which is great but only to a certain point. If the water gets too high it starts leaving the river beds and reaching into the trees and bushes. As it heads for the valley it starts taking all kinds of logs and rocks with it and that’s when it gets dangerous. We really don’t like cancelling trips but in these circumstances,¬†when it comes to the safety of our guest, we are not willing to take the risk.

So hang tight with us and we will hopefully be on the rivers next week!

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